Great makeup is vital to professional looking live TV broadcasts and television commercials. Unfortunately many smaller advertising and production houses have yet to get the message. This problem is self evident by the many mom and pop TV commercials featuring blotchy and pasty faced business owners touting their products. Tv lighting and high definition broadcasting demand precise makeup solutions to keep TV personalities looking like they have a healthy glow rather than a vitamin deficiency. Pam has worked in both live broadcast and commercial production with great results. Come back to view sample commercials that will be posted soon.

Film and TV Projects include:
Into The Classroom Media: Educational video: Howard Gardner: Language & The Mind
Sullivan Video Community Cable TV: Make-up design for Hockenberry Report
Troma Entertainment, New York, NY: Film make-up/special effects prosthetics: Terror Firmer
Pearl Entertainment, New York, NY: Bill Russel Tribute
Ray Bloch Entertainment: Martin Short corporate appearance